Significant Stones

Posted on July 12, 2020

Pastor Jeff presents a lesson from the book of Joshua Chapter 4: 1-9. Two key points of emphasis:

1. Remembering what God has done

2. Giving testimony about it.

This is how the gospel is shared...

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Seeking God's Plan

Posted on July 5, 2020

Pastor Jeff Brown delivers a sermon based on James 4:15.


The full worship service may be viewed here

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Disciples' Questions

Posted on June 28, 2020

Rev. Joe Lumpkin brings the message based on Chapter 14 of the Gospel of John. Listen to the audio here, or watch the entire streaming workship service at our "Videos" page.

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Do You Believe This?

Posted on June 21, 2020

Pastor Jeff Brown delivers a Father's Day message, continuing in the book of John.

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Life In Christ

Posted on June 14, 2020

Pastor Jeff Brown delivers the message from the Book of John, chapters 14 and 11.

To view the livestream Facebook broadcast of the message, click HERE

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